Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans by FR Conversions

FR Conversions manufactures every Dodge Rear Entry wheelchair van 100% electronic free with simple to use manual operation for the best wheelchair transportation solution available. Registered with NHTSA, the correct steps have been taken to ensure maximum safety that is backed behind a 3yr/ 36,000 mile warranty.  Easily and reliably you can open the rear lift-gate, deploy the manual ramp and enjoy loading wheelchair users through the rear of the Dodge Grand Caravan without fear of being parked in ever again.  All components have been powder coated for anti corrosion durability and longer service life.  The FR Dodge Rear Entry wheelchair van conversion comes standard with a proprietary hydrophobic super-viscous undercoating keeping your investment protected.

Dodge Rear Entry Long Cut Wheelchair Van Conversion

Designed to transport 2 wheelchair users safely and securely.  Aftermarket Freedman seats allow for wheelchairs 30'' to ride in the forward position in the 2nd row.  If your looking for more comfortable seats, FR can remount the OEM bucket seats no problem.  The FR Dodge Rear Entry conversion offers 34.25'' of width up the ramp and inside the Dodge.  With carpet or commercial Altro flooring available, customize your next rear entry wheelchair van to your personal or business needs.

Half Cut Taxi Wheelchair Van Conversions

Available on the FR Dodge Rear Entry is the option to choose the taxi cut.  These wheelchair accessible conversion can transport 1 wheelchair and 6 ambulatory passengers at once.  Built specifically to meet ADA requirements, it's low cost and flexible capability makes the FR Dodge Rear Entry the best solution for Taxi and Specialized Transportation Services businesses.

Commercial Or Personal Use Dodge Rear Entry Wheelchair Vans

Would you want the FR Dodge Rear Entry wheelchair van for your family's use, or, do you need it to meet rigid use needed for a commercial wheelchair transportation company!  We have built both needs to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.  Call FR Conversion today to get a free consultation on what would meet and exceed your needs!

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