For more than 40 years we have been working with, and for, people with various kinds of functional disability. We have met and become familiar with tens of thousands of people who have described the facts of their existence, their dreams and needs. We have become an important part of their day-to-day lives thanks to our products and services. It is a privilege to have such strong, close relations with customers. It is also one of the reasons why we have had such success with our products and services. We always focus on people and their needs. Our products are the result of an unique collaboration between users, occupational therapists, and our organisation as a whole.

Today, we have a really exciting range of chassis and seats for adults, children and young people - for outdoor and indoor use. We have a global support and service organisation that is a guarantee of safety and positive cooperation through the lifetime of our wheelchairs. Our company is growing steadily because our customers have confidence in us.

About Permobil Pediatric Wheelchairs: Permobil Pediatric Wheelchairs for Special Needs Children's mobility for children to move around. Find a collection of pediatric power wheelchairs by Permobil like permobil K450, Koala, K300 PS JR and the M300 PS JR. Features on Permobil Pediatric Whee...

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Rehab Series

About Permobil Rehab Wheelchairs: Permobils Rehab Series Wheelchairs come in several different models, ranging from their front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and mid wheel drive wheelchairs. Permobil Rehab Power Wheelchairs/ Electric Wheelchairs - Innovative power wheelchairs by Permobil. Browse ...

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About Permobil Standing Wheelchairs: Permobil's stand-up wheelchairs combine innovative design, styling, and advanced engineering concepts. The Permobil Standing Wheelchair series maintains a small profile but combines better indoor maneuverability with superior outdoor performance with enoug...

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